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Basic Care

Here are a few tips you should consider when taking care of your Capuchin Monkey

The Cage

The cage you build for your monkey should be at least 6 feet tall. There are risks involved in keeping the monkey free at home, as it can create havoc. Although you may want it to run around in your presence, it is a bad idea when there is nobody at home. Thus keeping it in a cage is more an act of kindness than harshness.


Keep changing and monitoring its diet regularly. Begin with a basic diet and then start giving it fruits, raw/cooked vegetables, bread, nuts, seeds, and hard-boiled eggs. It can also be fed insects like mealworms, grasshoppers, and crickets. Include some vitamin supplements in the diet as well.

Toys and Outdoors

Provide the monkey with a variety of toys. Those that are suitable for babies and toddlers are good enough. Keep it on a leash while taking it outdoors. More often than not, monkeys prefer sitting on shoulders but in case it tries going where it should not, you can always hold it back.

Health Check

Your pet will need a total health checkup once every year which will include a blood test, a TB test, and a parasite checkup. Take it to a good and recognized veterinarian, even if it requires you to travel a little farther from your locality. Find a vet who specializes in monkeys, and if you are unable to, then contact a zoo in your locality to help you with the same.

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