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I was interested in a capuchin monkey with good bloodlines who would also be a loving companion. I knew I wanted one of their Capuchin monkeys I appreciate how through every step of the process, They were right there to guide and support our mutual expectations. I could tell they genuinely cared about the capuchin monkey as family members, and I couldn’t imagine getting a capuchin monkey from anyone else! From the moment I met my “Cosette”, I fell head over heels in love with her. She is the most affectionate, smartest, and truly most beautiful Capuchin monkey Everywhere we go she steals the show! I really appreciate

We could not be happier with our new-capuchin monkey, The breeder was extremely informative and made our first-capuchin monkey buying experience wonderful. As new “capuchin monkey parents” we had millions of questions that were answered patiently, matter-of-factly, and even extremely quickly once we had gotten home and still had even more questions! – we felt like we have been a part of Nancy’s life from the day she was born!



We were looking for a fun friendly capuchin monkey to add to our family. My friend recommended me to dreamland capuchin monkeys. I fell in love with one of the monkeys. They sent me a video, an instant connection was made. We were so happy and lucky to be chosen to receive a capuchin monkey. My daughters were over the moon that the capuchin monkey with the rainbow beads was ours. Dreamland has been there every step of the process and they answered every question or concern we had.
Jennifer & Family

From before we were seriously considering getting a capuchin monkey, The process of getting our capuchin monkey was pretty unconventional in the world of getting a capuchin monkey, but we wouldn’t have traded it for the world! We are forever grateful to Dreamland Capuchin Monkeys for giving us the best gift we could have ever gotten. Dreamland Capuchin Monkeys have been really great throughout the whole-capuchin monkey adoption process. As soon as we spoke with them about getting the capuchin monkey, we instantly felt a connection and felt that getting him was meant to be! They took the time to answer every single one of our questions, no matter what it’s about. We don’t have enough good things to say about our whole capuchin monkey adoption process
Natalie & Nico

New Jersey

From the beginning to the end, Dreamland took special care in guiding us through the capuchin monkey adoption process. They were extremely communicative and did everything possible to ensure a perfect match for our family. We appreciated their concern for proper placement and their expertise regarding the breed. Our sweet capuchin monkey was delivered to us as a healthy, confident, extremely well socialized, and very loving little capuchin monkey. We will be forever grateful.

Julie & Family

Phoenix, Arizona

Dreamland Capuchin Monkeys gave us the best gift imaginable, The whole experience from start to finish was extremely positive and we remain in close contact. Our Capuchin monkey was the most perfect pet monkey and has grown to be the most loving, easy-going, and handsome-capuchin monkey we could ever ask for!

Layne & Zach

Chicago, IL

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